@ Starbucks

me: hot chocolate, please.

barista: oh it’s perfect for a day like this isn’t it?

me: yes =)

barista: not a coffee drinker are you?

me: try something difference.

[3 minutes later]

barista: tall hot chocolate! have a great day.

me: thank you.


"We were smoking outside one time. And this same car kept driving by, and we thought: ‘Man! That’s weird!’ Then we got arrested."

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This is Paris Hilton “raging” at Coachella in a barricaded area by herself. ☺♡♫

This is my favorite post


me: bb ur mitochondria is so cold

her: that my powerhouse

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do you think ghosts can tell if youre gay or not? like im not gay but lets say hypothetically i was watching gay porn, would my grandmas ghost see me? totally not gay just asking hypothetically


i haven’t slept in like 2 days so when I tried to get cheezits out of a vending machine I kept entering the wrong code and I just kept messing up every time so now I’m crying with 4 bags of famous amos cookies and 0 dollars


when you forget theres homework due tomorrowimage